Landscape Maintenance

There’s a lot that goes into a total landscaping service, and having the access to a series of professionals under one roof that provides the capability to treat expert-level one with the same level of expertise is vital. When choosing Marin Landscape Service Company for these means, you can be sure that we have the necessary level of dedicated services in order to provide you a one-call solution for any landscaping needs. Through our various landscape services, we bring you the knowledge needed for quality results.


Not only do we have the necessary capability to provide your greenery with all the assistance needed, we also bring the Marin County area the services in hardscaping needed to bring expert-level results. For patio stones, masonry, walkways and more, you can always depend on the professionals we provide for your needs. Whether you’re looking for general maintenance, cleaning or replacement of broken items, you can count on us for seamless services that will keep your property looking fantastic. With the right blend of aesthetic materials, your landscaping and hardscaping come together to bring your property the look you seek.


We bring Marin landscaping services that can be relied on, and when it comes to general maintenance of your greenery, you can count on us to bring you the best. Whether it’s tree trimming, hedge and shrubbery attention, or lawn maintenance you can always rely on the professionals at Marin Landscape Service Company to deliver. We bring the extensive experience needed to ensure that one phone call from you can have the entire exterior of your property seen to by qualified professionals. When the general care of your landscaping is important, it’s time to pick up the phone and call Marin Landscape Service Company.

Seed & Sod

Your lawn is the largest and most visible part of your property, and when you’re having issues with particular patches, finding a solution is required. We bring you professional seed and sod options to engage your particular lawn in the most efficient means and provide you with the results you’re looking for. Our local knowledge puts us in the lead of landscape services Marin has to offer, and one visit from our professionals will have you understanding why. Keep your lawn green, healthy and strong with the quality services we bring to your property. In Texas, the best lawn service is with  DFW Lawn Company.


We bring your sprinkler irrigation system the attention it needs to stay operational and reliable over the course of your property ownership. Whether you need sprinkler repair or an all-new sprinkler installation, you can be sure that Marin Landscape Service Company has the right answer. We understand the workings of your lawn irrigation system like no other, which brings you the means to rest easy, knowing that once our professionals have your watering system in hand, the experienced services needed are being delivered. Water your lawn with confidence at all times with the high-quality offerings we bring your home in this area.


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