Landscape Installation

Landscaping is a means to beautify your property like no other way possible. With the right level of experience behind a professional company bringing you the installation you’re looking for, the options you have at your fingertips are virtually endless. Marin Landscape Service Company has been proud to bring its services to the Marin County area for years, providing a wide range of services to ensure that you can turn your property into the location you’ve always envisioned through dedication, passion and a will to please.

Landscape Planning

The first step in any landscape installation service is the proper planning. Items and greenery cannot just be added to your property haphazardly or the results will be short-lived. When choosing our professionals for your installation service, you can be sure that we take all aspects of your property into account, from plan type, to soil, location, and even the tracking of the sun to ensure that you have the best possible results for your additions. When long-lasting quality within your landscaping is important to you, it’s vital that you have the most experienced individuals bringing you a fully fleshed out service.

Bringing in the Beauty

After the planning phase has been carefully thought out, it comes time to begin implementation. In this portion of your installation, we bring in only the highest quality, locally sourced plant life, reliable additions such as sprinkler systems, and hardscaping professionals who have been in the industry for years. This ensures that no matter the installation you’re looking for, we have the capability to bring you just right experts, the right products, and the qualified touch of professionals dedicated to your results. When you make the choice to bring in Marin Landscape Service Company for your needs, you are choosing local quality.

Landscape Lighting

Lighting can play a major factor in landscaping endeavors. From highlighting particular additions, to ensuring that you can navigate your yard even in the darkest of nights, and Marin Landscape Service Company has the installations you need for these illuminating additions. If landscape lighting is what you’re after, you can be sure that we have the products, knowledge and experience needed to truly light up your property in ways that you can only imagine. Whatever the ideal vision you have in mind when it comes to your overall landscape design, you have the access you need to the best in the business.


Hardscaping can play a large role in bringing the truly finished look to your property, and when looking for masonry additions to your property, you can be sure that Marin Landscape Service Company has the services you need. We bring you the means to add walkways, sitting walls, fountains and more, delivering the finishing touches that will truly complete the look of your property. If you dare to dream it, Marin Landscape Service Company is the company that dares to bring you the results you’re looking for, no matter the extravagance or subtlety.


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