Landscape Design

When you look out onto your property, what you see and what you envision can be two totally different things, and getting the right professional assistance to turn one into the other can be the right step towards getting the landscaping you’ve always dreamed of. Marin Landscape Service Company has been the local source of quality landscape design and installation for many years, and has the capability to turn your space into one that will quickly become the envy of your neighbors.

Your Input

When it comes to the overall design of your landscaping, your input is highly important. We understand that though we are providing the means to turn your property into the space you’ve always hoped to have, it’s you who needs to enjoy it each and every day. This is why our professional design team works closely with you, turning your mental image into a shared goal in order to bring you the results you’re looking for. If your voice is important to you, then choosing a professional source of installation that treats it valuably is the best route to take.

Experienced Suggestions

Even with the highest level of input possible, there are times when it’s necessary to lean on the expertise of experienced professionals. This is especially true in the case of plant placement, working around city ordinances, and other factors. When choosing Marin Landscape Service Company for your landscape design, you can be sure that we will bring you the necessary input to work around certain restrictions, and to bring you the informative input needed to ensure that your landscaping results are built to last. Whatever the goal you have in mind, you can be sure that we have the means to make it happen.

Wide Variety

In choosing our services for your landscape design, the options you have are almost limitless. We work closely with many local suppliers for all manner of products that we bring to your property, using only the highest quality to ensure that your yard gets the best. Our landscape installation services are built on the backs of years of experience and dedication to our craft, ensuring that we cut no corners, and that we provide the Marin County area with the attentive services needed for the best finished products. From design to implementation, we are always on our A game.

Bringing in the Pros

Once the design of your landscape is finalized, it then comes time to bring in the professionals to implement your requests. When choosing Marin Landscape Service Company for your landscape installation, you can be sure that we provide you with the highest-quality, experienced individuals who have been providing this service for years. Each of our professionals have turned bringing your landscaping needs into their careers, and dedicate their services to each and every outing we provide. We bring you the capability to turn your most imagined locations into an environment that you can enjoy each and every day on your property.


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