Landscape Construction

Wood plays a role in the overall look of your landscaping, from trees to shrubs and more, yet constructed pieces can be brought in for an addition that proves both aesthetic and practical. Whether you’re looking for means to hold up your growth, or to accentuate it, you can depend on Marin Landscape Service Company to be your source of quality handiwork. We provide you with the experienced touch needed to bring useful construction to your overall landscape design and installation, giving you the finishing touch you need.


Various forms of fencing can be used across your landscaping for a number of reasons. Whether you’d like to gate off your garden, or install a low-standing fence that will turn your flower beds into a completed look and feel. No matter the size of the fence you’re looking to install, whether you need security or simply additional aesthetic, you can depend on your local landscape installation professionals to bring you the quality results you need for the finished look. Our carpenters bring you professionally designed and custom-built additions for your property, giving you that last look needed for completion.


For hanging plants, growing vines, and long-stemmed growth, using trellis can not only provide you with additional space in which to work, but also give you a beautiful way in which to do it. No matter the particular growth you have on your property, an installed trellis at the entry way to flower gardens and sitting spaces can give you a design unique to your property, and accentuate the overall appearance of any property. When you need an additional item that takes your landscape to a new level, choosing the experts at Marin Landscape Service Company will bring you that capability.


In order to ensure that smaller saplings, hedges and shrubbery have the best chance at growth, using staking can be a highly effective means to protect these items from wind and other impacting movement. It’s important for your younger plants to have the assistance needed to grow strong and healthy, and when bringing in the experts at Marin Landscape Service Company, you can be sure that we will provide you with the additional items needed to do so. We aim to give you the best means of delivering long-lasting results, and protecting your plants is one of the means to do so.

Section Your Landscape

Choosing to bring in carpentry for sectioning reasons gives you the ability to turn your landscape into a series of areas highlighted in their own way. Keep your vegetable garden from your flower beds, your walking paths from sitting areas and more. We bring you the design and installation needed to ensure that you have the capability to turn your property into a series of locations, each dedicated to promoting a different aspect of your overall design. Marin Landscape Service Company has the experts necessary to plan and implement these endeavors, bringing you a truly personalized finish.


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