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    We are Marin County’s premier landscape service company, bringing you the capability to transform your property into the space you’ve always envisioned. With quality services in design, installation, maintenance and more, you have the access you need at your fingertips to take the look and feel of your property into your own hands, and to guide experienced professionals on the path to turning your space into one that will bring fulfilment, turn heads, and stand the test of time.

    About Us

    We have been bringing quality landscape installation, lawn care, tree trimming and more to the Marin County area for many years, cementing ourselves as the industry leaders in providing you the services needed to transform your property. Making the choice to call in the professionals at Marin Landscape Service Company will bring you the widest range of options, and the highest skill level in all aspects of our offerings. You have the capability to turn your property into the place you’ve always hoped for with just a phone call, and we look forward to providing the means of delivery.

    Our Services

    The landscape services Marin has come to count on through our professionals are ones that we have been providing to the city for many years. We have dedicated ourselves to ensuring that when you make the choice to call in our experts, we have the necessary options on offer, the deep level of knowledge when it comes to call manner of services, and the will to carry out your desires. If the results of your landscape design, installation and maintenance are important to you, then making the choice to call in the local experts will bring you the means to attainment.

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    Landscape Maintenance

    Your lawn and gardens need care in order to stay looking great, and when you don’t have the time or means to be able to do so yourself, being able to lean on experienced professionals to provide you with the required services can be helpful. We bring you the tree trimming, lawn care, and planting you need to keep your property looking great at all times, at an affordable service rate.

    Landscape Design

    The landscape design we bring to the area provides the city with the ability to turn your property into the space you’ve always dreamt of. We are the source of premiere landscape services Novato, Marin and the surrounding locations have counted on in terms of design, and bringing your ideas to the real world. By working closely with you, we ensure that your vision and ours align, and that you have experienced input on what can reasonably be completed.

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    Irrigation Systems

    Sprinkler irrigation can be a quality of life addition that opens up your schedule, while still ensuring that your plant life has access to the necessary water needed for healthy growth. Our sprinkler installation services provide you with the highest level of options when it comes to the sprinkler type brought to your property, and also provides you with the sprinkler repair services needed when your irrigation calls for it.

    Landscape Construction

    We bring many offerings in terms of construction when it comes to bringing more to your property. Whether you need hardscaping through experienced masonry, or wooden additions such as fences and trellis, you can count on Marin Landscape Service Company to provide you with the quality professional services we are known for. Whatever the overall design you have in mind, we have the means to deliver, even if it means building it ourselves from scratch.

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    Garden Maintenance

    Keeping your garden looking beautiful at all times is the overall ambition of our garden maintenance service. Whether you need attention brought to your flower beds, vegetable gardens or otherwise, you can depend on the expertise that Marin landscape services professionals provide. With the level of extensive knowledge, we have regarding all manner of plant life, you can be sure that one call to our professionals will provide you the means to care for all of your property gardens.

    Landscape Installation

    We provide Marin landscape services of all kinds, and throughout all of our options, the one key feature of our offerings that holds true is our dedication to reliable installation. Whether you’re looking for new planting, seed and sod, hedge work, or any other number of services, you can count on the local experience and expertise that we bring to the widest variety of options. Choosing Marin Landscape Service Company is making the choice to bring in the best for your property design.

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    When looking for landscape services in San Rafael, Marin County, and the surrounding area can count on, knowing that the professionals you contact will take the time out to ensure you are answered and that the necessary information is brought to your attention is important. We highlight our customer service options to give you a professional service you can truly call your own, with a dedication to your satisfaction, ease of access, and the means to effective planting, tree trimming, design, installation and so much more. All it takes is picking the local pros and picking up the phone.


    “I have been using the services of Marin Landscape Service Company for my landscape maintenance for a few years now. They are always thorough, on time, and bring more than you would expect for a standardized service. My yard always looks great after they come to visit.” – Kyle R.


    “After buying a new property, the landscaping was one of the first items on the to-do list. I called Marin Landscape Service Company for a landscape design service, and we spent days going over all the relevant information, always asking what I wanted to achieve. The end result was a true demonstration of their dedication.” – James D.


    “I was looking to get a sprinkler system installed on my property and chose to call Marin Landscape Service Company. They gave me plenty of options and the eventual installation was exactly what I was looking for. A true time saver to care for your lawn.” – Lisa H.